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Joseph Kenig

Joseph Kenig , Brooklyn High Rise

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Abraham Betesh

Abraham Betesh Licensed Real Estate Agent , Brooklyn High Rise

From the moment that you meet Abraham, you feel his positive and vibrant energy. Abraham’s genuine charm and warm smile are contagious. He treats each and every client with the utmost diligence, care and professionalism. Real Estate has always been a passion for Abe. Helping others find the perfect apartment is his forte. Abe aims to make your search quick, stress free and enjoyable. Abraham is also committed to ensure ALL clients are given the utmost attention. Abraham knows there are many agents to choose from and the choice can be overwhelming. Many brokers claim to have the same qualities, 'tireless work ethic', 'personalized attention', and the most popular, 'really listens’. While most think these qualities make them exceptional, Abe knows they are the minimums required to be a successful agent. What make Abe different is his sincere care and concern for the client’s wellbeing. Give Abe a call to get started today!

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Elijah Rolle

Elijah Rolle Licensed Real Estate Agent , Brooklyn High Rise

Bio: Meet Elijah Rollé! Originally from Queens, New York, Elijah moved to Tampa, Florida at age 14 and stayed there for 7 years before returning to New York at the age of 21 to attend an acting conservatory in Manhattan. Being born and raised in New York, Elijah knows how New Yorkers deserve to live! "I love the fact that I get to work in Brooklyn everyday and connect people to the culture that flows throughout the borough. There is a special history on every corner from Williamsburg to Coney Island that you only understand once you've been here. That's why I look forward to going to work everyday; to help facilitate our clients making their own history in Kings County. How sweet it is!"

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Shinwoo Mun

Shinwoo Mun Licensed Real Estate Agent , Brooklyn High Rise

A NYC resident for 5 years, Shinwoo Mun has first-hand experience of the difficult ordeals of renting an apartment. Over the years, Shin has adapted and learned about the rapid changing cultures of Brooklyn and Queens, and has been utilizing his knowledge to help his clients find and be content with their new home. Respect, Honesty and commitment to give you an easy moving process are the values he uses to create a positive relationship with his clients. Contact Shin today to start your journey in Brooklyn or Queens. He quotes, “Why stress in finding an apartment alone, when you can have fun searching with me?”

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