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To secure an apartment there are two elements needed to make sure you’re ready to move in

A deposit to take the apartment off the market

An application (plus any applications with guarantors)

One step does not need to be particularly completed before the other.

However, both elements are needed within 48 hours of eachother to ensure promptness. 


Friendly reminder that the application requires a $20 fee for background credit checks


Don’t hesitate to reach out to our agents for any questions! We’re here to make this process as pleasant as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Copy of photo ID 
  2. Each of the following, or whatever is possible. (Discuss with agent). W2, 1099, K1 or most recent Tax Return, last 3 Pay Stubs, last 3 bank statements.

Missing paperwork can always be sent in at a later date via the portal received after finishing the application or via email.

Please note there is a $20 application fee per applicant (per credit check) including Guarantors.

All official documents including bank statements and pay stubs need to be submitted in PDF format. We cannot accept screenshots or word documents. Photo IDs can be scanned or photographed clearly.

Most Landlords seek tenants with a current job to generate 40x their portion of the monthly rent on an annual basis and decent-credit. (No negative comments)

For example if your portion of rent is $1000/month, you annual income should be roughly $40,000 a year or you will need a guarantor who is making $80,000 annually and has credit of 700 +

They can fill out a new application or be added to yours as a Co applicant

They can fill out a new application or be added to yours as a co applicant. Any tenant planning to be on the lease must fill out an application.